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Detailed Design (Stage 3)

Detailed Design Proposal

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Technical Assurance  (Stage 4)

Technical & Statutory Standards

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Who we are

ADesign are a small personal design consultancy with a background in infrastructure, public spaces, housing and product design. Our experience reflects a commitment to creating inspiring  places to live and developing innovative products to use, while striving for design solutions that are efficient, imaginative and sustainable.  We work closely with our clients to initially understand their requirements, and then strive to meet their needs and, if possible, exceed their expectations.

Current projects include the development of an affordable modular housing solution based on off-site component construction.




Frank Anatole is an RIBA Chartered Architect with over 20 years experience in  design and construction, and particular expertise in the Urban Design and Transport sectors. His involvement in  high profile, award winning infrastructure projects include France's TGV expansion program,  the Channel Tunnel Rail Link,  St Pancras International Station (High Speed 1),  Crossrail,  London Overground, London Bridge Station, the London Eye and Brighton i360.  His product design experience includes involvement with the award winning SpaceOasis modular office and public space furniture system.

He is committed to the pursuit of good design standards for the public realm, sustainable living environments and better products for people.


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You can contact us by email with an outline of your requirements.  We offer a free one hour consultation service for new clients.







It’s our job as architects to come up with imaginative proposals that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. As an ARB member we follow a strict code of conduct in providing professional services.  As a member of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), we follow the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 to structure the various design and construction stages of our projects and also our fees

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