welcome to the modular revolution



ADesign are developing an innovative system of affordable custom and self-build modern modular homes which are designed to expand when you need more space. Our objective is to develop low-cost space-effective architect-designed homes, with flexible eco credentials that enable occupiers to custom-fit to their requirements. This means initial capital investment costs are kept low , fast construction times are achieved, and focus is concentrated on build quality and spatial value,  rather than programme driven constraints and commercial margins.  

CubeHouse is an innovative compact home design with a tiny footprint that adapts to the needs of its occupants. It is designed in single storey or stacked configuration for maximum occupancy, particularly with a view to providing emergency accommodation for the homeless.  It can also be configured to suit a single person, couples or retired residents, with the ability to expand to accommodate a family.  

CubeHouse is based around a modular panelised  system of cross laminated timber (CLT) walls and floors, with a range of contextual external finishes. This offers quality control, flexible options for living spaces, a wide choice of material finishes,  sustainable building materials and a rapid, cost-effective method of off-site pre-construction. The design can accommodate double height living spaces which can be transformed into an extra bedroom. A low maintenance self-sustaining green roof option provides thermal insulation as well as long term environmental benefits.















                        xlam wall buildup